Friday, July 4, 2008

SalesCentric deploy next generation of visual user experience

Just received the following email of SalesCentric and I wanted to share this news with my blog readers.

SalesCentric is set to unveil two new versions of Relationship Charts for Dynamics CRM at the WPC next week. Visit stand 383 and see the next generation of CRM visualization utilizing Microsoft’s Silverlight technology and the new service, Relationship Charts for Dynamics CRM Online.
Silverlight provides the foundation to take CRM and Relationship Charts to the next generation of visual user experience. Animation, zoom and multiple ‘actor cards’ that fan out give the user the ability to quickly see on one screen information that would otherwise take multiple CRM views to get.

Relationship Charts Online is an on-demand customer relationship visualization service for users of Microsoft CRM Online. The new Internet service will be available for customers of Microsoft CRM Online. Users seamlessly access Relationship Charts while working within the standard CRM Online service from Microsoft.

Relationship Charts will be available in two versions for CRM Online:
  • Relationship Charts Online Professional offers Relationship Charts within three CRM areas: account, contact and opportunity
  • Relationship Charts Online Professional Plus offers Relationship Charts within any CRM entity and displays any entity on a chart, including system users

People close five times as much business when they have relationships with key decision makers. Relationship Charts reveals the relationships within CRM.

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