Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hans is going to meet Brad Wilson Vice President Microsoft Dynamics CRM Worldwide

Tomorrow I am going to meet Brad Wilson, Vice President Microsoft Dynamics CRM Worldwide at the convergence in Copenhagen. Furthermore I am attending some technical tracks and of course meet a lot of MVP's and ISV's. More info and posts will be following at the end of the week. hope to see you all tomorrow in Copenhagen.


Jeffry @ CWR Mobility said...

So, how was the meeting? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeffry,

It was very nice to finaly meet Brad Wilson in person. It's a very kind man and I had the honor to also meet his team. Really nice. How was the convergence for you?



Jeffry @ CWR Mobility said...

Unfortunately I didn't go. Too busy on a large project. Erik had a good time though. :)