Monday, November 7, 2016

Add your Twitter Feed into Dynamics 365

Dear Blogreaders,

Below you can find the steps explained in how to add your Twitter Account to Dynamics 365.
  • Login to your Twitter Account

  • Go to Widgets, Create new, Profile

  • Enter your Twitter URL

  • Select the Display Option

  • Copy the code

  • Go to Dynamics 365, Settings, Solutions, select your Solution that you want to modify or create New Solution, Components and Dashboards, New Dashboard

  • Choose Layout and click on Create

  • Insert Web Resource

  • Lookup More Records and click on New

  • Select Type: Webpage (HTML) and Name Type in the

  • Click on Text Editor and Tab Source and Copy Past your Code from Twitter here

  • Click on Add and click on OK and Publish All Customization

  • Go to Dashboards and select your Twitter Dashboard

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ms dynamics said...

Thank you for posting this tutorial on such a useful and hot topic as adding the Twitter Feed into Dynamics 365 :) And also it's great that you showed it step by step with all the axplanation, I think it will be very helpful especially for the beginners like me.