Thursday, January 28, 2016

Go Live with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

As I am working on a major project since NOV-14 and our Go Live date is entering very soon, I am preparing, thinking and dreaming about the Go Live  more and more. To make this moment for the end-user as smooth, professional and relaxed as possible, hereby some of items I am preparing. All the feedback, tips and advise are welcome.

Kick-off Meeting Go Live CRM 2016
Get all users aligned and focused on what and why we are doing this and what does this mean for the Company.

Quick Reference Cards
Provide on each desk a quick reference card that will help the users during the first day. Maybe even put is as background on all the pc's

Short CRM Video's
Record short CRM video's on for example: how to create Leads, Opportunities, Customers, Contact Persons. How to Qualify a Lead, How to Assign or Share a record etc. and store these video's on SharePoint integrated in CRM

Training and Follow-Up Training
Of course all users (not only end-users, but also support, administrators) need CRM training. Do short and repeating training sessions and follow-up training after Go Live.

Go Live Support
Make sure that there is onsite support on all locations if necessary 24x7, so that users can always fall back to the support team and knowing there is expertise on the floor available to help them out during the first days of using the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM system.