Sunday, July 10, 2011

2011.07.09 - Off to Los Angeles for the WPC11

Saturday the 9th of July and again at Schiphol Airport. I see Schiphol Airport more often then I see home lately. Today I am flying to first Detroit and then to Los Angeles for attending the Worldwide Partner Converence 2011. My plane is boarding at 07:50h, so I had to be early at Schiphol (05.30h pfff).

The service on the Delta Airbus 300 was really great and seats where comfortable with each a private scree, so I saw 3 movies during the almost 8h flight :).

We landed in Detroit at 16h GMT+1 (10h local time) and I must say my first time to the USA and it is big!!!. We had to go through the passport check, nothing like I use to. In the US everything is so heavy secured. Weather in Detroit: 25 degrees so really nice.

Just spend the next 4 hours at Detroit, due to the fact tha the plane to Los Angeles had some unknown technical issues, so we had to wait for a new plane to come available.

Spoke to really nice American people and everybody is so kind. Really to like it. Detroit airport is HUGE!!!!!, Schiphol is compared to Detroit just tiny.

But after 4 hours finally off to Los Angeles and we landed at LAX at 15:15 local time to I have a 9 hours timelab with the Netherlands.

Waiting for my suitecase and almost 1,5 hour for a cab GRRRR I arrived finally at my hotel at 17:30h local time.

So taking a shower and seeing for the first time downtown LA, really huge and nice.

I am off the the welcomes party at the Mariott ION Rooftop bar now, so now bed for me (and awake for 24 hours now). I will post tomorrow morning again.....

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